In Development

Wild Card 

(TV series – 10 x 25 mins)

Wild Card is inspired by amazing true stories about child heroes, rebels, misfits and martyrs.

Crash, Dance, Colour

(Online/short form TV series –
10 x 4 mins)

Crash, Dance, Colour combines social history, biographical portrait, and a celebration of amateur film-making to reveal untold stories and hidden histories from Sydney’s west and southwest suburbs.

Love, Death & Photography

Micro TV series -12 x 4 mins)

Love, Death & Photography – a series of short ruminations inspired by evocative archival photographs. The series features a diverse selection of writers – some known, others lesser known – and each episode offers different ideas on themes of love, death and photography.

Life at the Rustic

(Documentary film portrait –
25 mins)

‘The Rustic’ is a caravan park like no other – hidden off the beaten track in the Shoalhaven hinterland, it is home for a community of crusty men. Too old to work, too young to die, the men at ‘the Rustic’, surf, fish, make home-brew and live as best they can – with each other and the abundant local kangaroos and bush-ticks. Life at the Rustic is an intimate documentary portrait about a community of aging men, living on the fringes in regional Australia, trying to make sense of bush fires, COVID 19 and life in the 21st Century.